0 Hours is the average amount of time job seekers spend finding a new job
We′ll do it for you
0 Minutes to search and apply for each job
Don′t waste time filling out forms
0 Minutes to customize each resume to the job description
We tailor each resume to the job description
0 Months is the length of the average job search
Finding a job is a full-time job

Our expert recruiters find & apply to jobs for you

They’ve been on the other side and know how to land you interviews.

Initial setup. Consult & resume optimization

$ 0 one time
  • Resume ATS screening test
  • Resume writing & optimization
  • Video consult on your job search criteria
  • Company whitelists & blacklists
  • Cover letter optimization

Plan A – Daily search and apply

$ 300 per month
  • 70-100 jobs applied to per month *
  • Search & apply daily
  • Resume customization for each application
  • Performance Analytics
  • One month minimum commitment
  • *The number of jobs we can apply to is dependent on how many jobs are available.

Custom Plan

$ inquire
  • We create a custom plan based on your requirements
  • Apply to large numbers of jobs
  • Contact us and tell us what you′re looking for!

How does AutoApply work?

Using a blend of Artificial Intelligence and experienced recruiters, we apply to jobs on your behalf.

resume optimiztion

Highly converting resumes

Applying at scale

We apply to jobs based on your criteria


Check your performance with analytics


“AutoApply pays for itself with even the smallest bump in salary” – Erika B.

Interested? Let’s get you interviewing now!