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We provide a fully managed job search

We create modern, thoughtful job search plan from the ground up that align your strategy with your career needs.

Simple plans, for everyone!

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Initial Setup. Consult & Resume Optimization

$ 250 one time
  • Resume ATS screening test
  • Resume writing & optimization
  • Video consult on your job search criteria
  • Company whitelists & blacklists
  • Cover letter optimization
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Plan A – I need a new job now

$ 10 day
  • 40-80 jobs applied to per month *
  • Search & apply daily
  • Resume customization for each application
  • Performance Analytics
  • One month minimum commitment
  • *The number of jobs we can apply to is dependent on how many jobs are available.
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Option B – Specific companies

$ 5 per application
  • Apply to a whitelist of specific companies
  • Multiple job title search
  • Highly targeted
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